Employment in New Jersey comes with certain rights and protections. When these rights are violated and the employer fails to take corrective action to resolve the issue, the employee can file a claim or grievance against them. These complaints involve several steps and are often subject to time limits, so it is important to know how, when, and where to file your claim.

Legal Protections at Work

While employment law varies slightly from state to state, most workers in this country should expect the right to:

  • A safe work environment free of hazards
  • Not be discriminated against based on disability, gender, race, marital status, nation of origin, religion, sexual orientation, or skin color
  • Receive at least the minimum wage pay for hours worked, and overtime when applicable
  • Take leave to care for an immediate family member after adoption, birth, or during serious illness

Report Workplace Violations to Your Employer

If your workplace rights have been violated, the first thing to do is notify your employer. In many cases, making an employer aware of potentially illegal violations is enough for them to act. It is always smart to consult a Marlton employment lawyer, so you know your rights before bringing sensitive information to your employer’s attention. Report only the details of the incident or behavior in question. Beyond this meeting, avoid discussing the issue with others at work. It will only inflame the situation and impact your credibility.

File a Workplace Grievance

If your employer fails to stop the discrimination or harassment, you may need to go a step further and file a formal claim or grievance. As soon as you suspect a violation of your workplace rights, start documenting the problem. Record times, dates, and other details to support your grievance. Make a note of who was present and may have witnessed or overheard the violations. Save memos, emails, and other documents related to your dispute. Be sure to only use documents you have permission to access. Taking or copying confidential records can not only cost you your job, but your claim as well. File your grievance in writing and verbally notify your employer about the complaint in person.

After speaking with your employer and filing a grievance, wait for their response and next steps to correct the problem. After two to three weeks with no action on your complaint, you may consider taking legal action. Your employment lawyer will advise you on the appropriate course of action, which may involve filing a complaint with the New Jersey Department of Labor or pursuing legal action through the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, or any of the state’s other employment laws.

Marlton Employment Lawyers Represent Workers with Discrimination and Harassment Complaints

No employee deserves to be emotionally, physically, or verbally abused at work. Whether that is a formal grievance with your employer or legal action against them, we guide you every step of the way, keeping you updated on the status of your claim and answering any questions you may have. To schedule a free initial consultation today, call us at 856-751-5505 or contact us online. Located in Marlton and Somers Point, New Jersey, we serve clients throughout South Jersey, including Atlantic County, Camden County, and Burlington County.