Leanne Petosa v. NJ Department of Transportation;

NJ Turnpike Authority; John O’Hern and James Carone

Docket No. ATL-L-1072-15

Leanne Petosa was a loyal employee of the NJ Turnpike Authority (NJTA) from February 2012 until September 2014, when she reported for jury duty in Atlantic County. Although she had given timely and proper notice of her summons and requested NJTA’s policy on jury service, Petosa was ultimately terminated and charged with “theft of time,” fraud, and violation of the NJTA policy on jury duty. Her suspension and termination for these alleged infractions was simply a cover for punishing an employee for carrying out her civic responsibility to jury service. Additionally, Petosa was subject to serious harassment by her supervisors, O’Hern and Carone, which caused her to have a mental breakdown and to be declared unfit to work by a NJTA medical doctor.

Petosa filed a complaint seeking punitive and compensatory damages as a result of violations of public policy, violation of NJLAD for gender discrimination and sexual harassment, breach of contract, and the intentional infliction of emotional distress. However, to our client’s satisfaction, Petosa’s claims have now been settled!