It does not matter whether the divorce was amicable or contentious, holidays can be tough after divorce. When it comes to Halloween, most children are really excited about dressing up in costumes and roaming around the neighborhood or going to a party and getting candy. If you have gotten used to celebrating the holiday as a family, and especially if you have children, then Halloween after divorce can be a challenge.

If you have children and you share custody, then you will have to deal with your spouse on a consistent basis until the children are grown. Despite what anger or resentment you may feel, it is going to be easier for you in the long run to accept that you must be on speaking terms with your ex-spouse.

Who Will Have the Kids?

Other holidays have issues like religious observances and being with other family members to consider. However, Halloween is really about children having fun.  Consider this when planning the day. Find out from your children and ex-spouse what they have in mind and share your thoughts.

If you are on good terms, then the day could involve you and your ex-spouse celebrating Halloween together. If not, then you will need to figure out what works best. Keep it simple. If you would like to spend Halloween with the children, then a schedule on how the day will go needs to be arranged. It could involve spending time celebrating with the children separately or simply agreeing on logistics. A well-planned Halloween will be a pleasure, not a chore. Avoid things like long drives between households or missing parties the children want to attend.

Do Not Be the Villain

It is important to make sure the children know and are excited about the plan. If you are trying to avoid being alone or are being vindictive to your ex-spouse, they will sense it. Children can be drawn into your personal drama very easily. Parents can end up competing for the child’s attention. Spoiling kids, trying to outdo the other parent, and other bad behaviors can be quite damaging. Children need to feel loved and secure after the divorce. Remember that both parents have a right to see the children and be involved in parenting. Work with your ex-spouse to build positive childhood memories for your children.

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