Even under the best circumstances, going through a divorce can be an overwhelming and painful process. This is particularly true when there are children involved and the couple must decide who will have custody. Ideally, both parents will be able to put their differences aside and focus on the best interests of the children. In some cases, however, there are issues that make it challenging for parents to reach a custody agreement that make both parties happy. Parents who are seeking custody can improve their chances by keeping their emotions in check and focusing on what is best for their children.

The courts award custody to the parent who is more involved and focused on the children’s day to day activities, including school, extracurricular activities, medical care, and social interactions. When a parent has sole custody, he or she gets to make important decisions based on what is best for the children and the family. This is a responsibility that parents should not take lightly. The following tips can improve a parent’s chances of being awarded custody:

  • Be involved in your children’s school. Get to know your children’s teachers, guidance counselors, and the principal. Volunteer at the school if your schedule allows or agree to chaperone a field trip. Touch base with teachers to make sure your family issues are not impacting his or her school work. Make sure that you attend all parent-teacher conferences and other important school events and assist your child with his or her homework every night.
  • Know your child’s health information. Be aware of any allergies, health issues, and medications that your child must take. Make sure your child is up to date on all immunizations and know the phone number, office hours, and location of their pediatrician.
  • Get to know your child’s friends. Encourage your child to invite their friends to your house and introduce yourself to their parents. Make your child’s friends feel welcome in your home.
  • Keep a journal. This can help you keep a detailed log of activities you are doing with your child, including important details about the time spent with your child. You can also include incidences where the other parent was late or did not show up. If your ex-spouse made negative comments about you or used profane language or threats, include this in the journal as well.
  • Come up with a parenting plan. This helps establish a set of guidelines for things such as visitation rights, grandparent visits, holiday schedules, and birthday celebrations. It should also cover who is responsible for medical expenses, transportation, important appointments, and any other responsibilities.

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