One outcome of getting divorced is realizing you are on your own and must pay your own way in your new life, in particular if you have not been working outside of the home during the marriage.

Usually that means finding a job, preferably the right job, one that is a good fit for you. This search can add a tremendous amount of stress to an already stressed-out situation.

The following are some suggestions on how to return to work without adding more undue tension to your life.

Returning to Work

First, get over your fears. Re-entering the job market reduces many of us to tears. We are afraid of all the changes that working outside the home can involve. We may be afraid we will not be up to snuff on evolving technologies; concerned that working must mean abandoning our families. Most of all, we may be afraid we will not cut it, that we have no business being out there, or that we are just not good enough.

You can choose to cling to these feelings of insecurity, or you can put yourself in play. You have talents, experience, and insight into how to succeed that dwarf the resumes of most working people. Give yourself a break, and have a little faith.

Second, design the future you want to live in. You want to do work in an area and in a role that can sustain you emotionally and financially over the long haul. This means not feeling limited to whatever you used to do. Investigate the job market online. It will tell you what areas are hot, and which are not. Write down notes about what situations appeal to you and which do not.

Make a list of your skills. They do not all have to be “work” skills. But this list may point you toward a place that fits you perfectly.

Third, work your network. Finding the right job is a job in-and-of itself. Your immediate group of friends and social network are probably not able to offer you a job, but chances are they can point you in a good direction. Follow the leads your friends give you. Even if this process does not pan out, making these connections puts you in the thick of the job search.

Fourth, shake off rejections. Every rejection teaches you something valuable, and moves you closer to the job you want.

Finally, remember your manners. All the people you talk to, be they friends, referrals, recruiters, or HR departments, are part of your work team. Every person that tries to be helpful to you will remember you positively if you stop to say thank you. That is the kind of person most employers want on their team.

As such, be thoughtful, gracious, and mindful of the fact that you benefited from meeting with them. You never know when you might be working with them in the future.

Divorce ends one part of your life, and ushers in a new one. Finding employment is just one aspect of this change. The South Jersey divorce lawyers want to assist in making the right future come together for you.

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