The first holiday season after a divorce can be especially painful for parents who are no longer celebrating as a couple. Memories of happier times can weigh exes down and make it hard for them to find the joy in these special days.

But the truth is, life after divorce can be full of fun and love. Not just at holidays, but all year round. Getting there starts with healthy co-parenting that puts the needs of the children first.

Here are some tips for peacefully navigating the holidays as co-parents.

Plan Ahead

Rather than worry about the unknown, establish a clear parenting plan for the holidays in advance. Work with your Marlton divorce lawyer to create a schedule for all the major holidays throughout the year.

Some parents choose to alternate holidays, split time on the holidays, or even spend the holidays together. Your dynamic is unique, and your parenting plan will be too.

Encourage Communication

If your child is spending the holiday with you, try to consider how your ex may feel. Remind your child to text, video chat, or call their other parent. You will undoubtedly appreciate it when they return the favor on those holidays your child spends with them.

Create New Traditions

Holidays are steeped in tradition. Whether they are passed down from generations or created by your own family, traditions make the holidays uniquely our own, and give us something to look forward to every year.

Try not to reflect on the past, but instead symbolize this new beginning with games, recipes, and activities that are brand new to you and your children.

Consider Compromise

Now you know what they say about the best laid plans. Life happens. A little compromise can go a long way when it comes to happy co-parenting. Being inflexible just for the sake of aggravating your ex will not be lost on the kids.

If your child’s other parent has special plans for the holidays, be willing to bend a little if it is makes sense for the kids. Hopefully, they may be more likely to honor your parenting time requests in the future.

While these holiday co-parenting tips are great for ex-couples who are both willing to meet half-way, some other couples may not agree on a parenting plan quite as easily. In some cases, one parent is not capable or willing to be involved in a child’s life. These child custody cases are certainly more complex.

The Marlton divorce lawyers work with clients in mediation or court to effectively resolve all types of divorce matters and protect the interest of the children. They understand every divorce is unique and take the time to listen to your needs and concerns.

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