Divorce is not only stressful, but in many cases, it can also be lonely. Separating from a spouse often leaves individuals longing for the companionship that they once had, and many are not used to being alone. That is why it is not all too surprising that many people desire to start dating during the divorce process.

Reasons Dating During Divorce is Frowned Upon

The reason that divorce attorneys advise against dating during divorce is because doing so has the capability to increase the cost and stress of an already costly and stressful divorce. Although you are not technically supposed to date someone else while you are married, judges do not look at this negatively so long as you and your spouse have already physically separated.

Even if you have not begun to date this person until after you were already physically separated, their close existence in your life can still complicate the divorce process. It can create the suspicion, whether justified or not, that the relationship began as an affair during the marriage and before the separation. The opposing counsel may choose to subpoena the individual to establish when the relationship began, whether it is sexual in nature, and if any marital property has been exchanged.

Guidelines for Dating Before Divorce

Despite the risk, many choose to date prior to divorce. If you are one of those individuals, it is extremely important to follow simple guidelines should you choose not to wait.

  • Socialize in groups without pairing off.
  • Do not date others until you have physically separated from your former spouse.
  • Attend events individually and network socially. Be honest about your situation and wait until you are physically separated to contact someone.
  • Do not introduce this new person to your children for a while, especially not until after the divorce as it could compromise your child custody
  • Find a support group to help you with the intense emotions and sense of isolation that divorce can bring.
  • Do not become pregnant or impregnate someone else before your divorce is finalized as it can delay your case until after the baby is born so that paternity can be verified for support purposes.

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