One of the practical issues that many divorcing spouses deal with is moving out of the communal home. During negotiations, the logistics of the move is another task that can cause stress, including financial stress and stress over custody and alimony matters. Moving involves time for planning, packing belongings, finding and hiring movers, and finding a new residence which results in more financial expenses. For those spouses who will not remain in the home, there are number of considerations to keep in mind before making the final move.

Setting Priorities

Part of divorce is moving forward with your life. It involves major emotional upheavals as well as practical considerations that involve new financial costs. For the spouse that is leaving, departing the family home can be emotionally draining. Our home is often our comfort zone, to start over in a new place is part of the emotional stress of divorce.

Having a clear plan is always helpful when managing anxiety-producing events. Generally, the first step is to find alternate housing and to decide if it will be temporary or long-term. Once housing is settled, making plans to move belongings out of the marital home is the next step. Always consult with an attorney skilled in family law to protect your assets and property in advance.

Once that aspect has been resolved, plan to contact more than one moving company to get several estimates. It is important to understand the costs and have a clear written quote. Will you pack items yourself or will the moving company do any of this? Another critical call is to your insurer to determine coverage for your items as well as for the new property.

If there are children, it is always helpful to discuss the move well in advance to maintain their routine as much as possible. Assuring children that their belongings will be there in their new room can help ease the transition. If the children will be splitting their time in two houses, decide in advance what items will stay in each home. Packing items that are not regularly used well in advance of the move is a good idea. Leave frequently used items until just before moving day, such as clothes and other daily essentials.

Another crucial step is to change the address on your identification, health insurance, bank accounts, and other necessities. Notifying children’s schools of the new address and contact information should also be a priority. Finally, having a plan to create a new comfortable space with few visual reminders of the former marriage can be psychologically healthy and helpful. While decorating a new space may not be the main priority, creating a new, comfortable environment is an act towards a new life. In any divorce case, it is always recommended to have the advice of a skilled divorce lawyer to ensure your rights are protected.

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