Many times, divorcing parties come to their initial family law consultations with preconceived notions taken from other divorces. Although having some knowledge about the divorce process is important, believing that all divorces are the same will lead to unnecessary roadblocks. Every divorce is a custom situation and no two divorces share the same outcome. Both parties should accept that fact from the beginning. Otherwise, they may have difficulty making the right choices for their specific situation.

A Natural Tendency to Compare

Divorces that take place in New Jersey must follow specific state and federal principles and guidelines. However, people naturally lean toward a desire to compare their experiences. Though this desire is understandable, it does not serve any purpose and usually builds feelings of confusion and resentment during the divorce process.

For example, consider two divorce cases. Divorce A involves a house and two very young children, but also includes family business assets and other financial considerations that Divorce B does not. Divorce A’s house is completely paid off and could be sold for a significant amount that the divorcing parties can split. Divorce B’s clients only purchased their house two years ago, so they have little equity in the property.

When determining child custody, the parents in Divorce B work jobs with unusual hours and travel frequently, necessitating a less rigid custody arrangement that works for Divorce A. However, the wife in Divorce A earns significantly more than her husband, so she agrees to pay him alimony and child support. The parties in Divorce B bring home almost equal paychecks, so they opt to forgo alimony and custody payments.

Divorce A and Divorce B will never be the same, no matter how they look from the outside. Comparing them would be futile because the right decisions for them are based on specific circumstances.

Concentrating on What Matters Most

Rather than spending time wondering how to divvy up assets or trying to get as much alimony as a family member did during her divorce, divorcing parties should look at the best ways to get through their divorces as effectively as possible. The goal should be to have a divorce that ends with everyone on solid, satisfactory ground.

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