School is starting soon, and if this is the first fall your children return to class after the divorce, the back to school routine may prove somewhat different this year. The following are tips to make the back to school transition as smooth as possible for children in this new situation.

Show Unity

Unless the divorce is so bitter that appearing with your spouse is unwise, show unity to the kids as school starts. If your children are young and it is possible, both of you should take part in dropping them off on the first day of school. This shows the child that even though you are no longer married, you are still the parents and will show unity.

Discuss Homework and Other Issues

Many parents have joint custody, so the children may spend as much time at one home as the other during the school year. That is why it is critical to be on the same page when it comes to homework, after-school activities, bedtimes, and other issues. Keep the other parent informed about homework and the like so no one gets burdened with a last-minute project the child had weeks to finish.

Go to Parent/Teacher Conferences Together

Try to have someone watch the children so you can attend the parent/teacher conferences together. The teacher should know you are divorced, but if you can attend the conference together, it shows the teachers you are both committed to your child’s education and well-being.

Make Plans Ahead of Time for Snow Days

Plan for who will pick up and care for the child on snow days, half-days, and if there is an emergency school closing. In such situations, it is not always the parent who has custody that is the best choice. For example, if one parent works nearby or has more flexibility in their job, it may make more sense for them to have emergency pick-up and care duty than the parent who commutes an hour to work.

Listen to Your Children

Your children will soon develop a new normal routine after the divorce, but that does not mean issues will not arise. Listen to your children and pay attention to their concerns. Ask them to tell you about their school day, friends, and anything they want to talk about. Always keep the lines of communication open and let them know they can always come to you to discuss problems.

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