Going through any divorce, even an amicable one, can be tough to handle alone. Fortunately, most people who divorce find someone to turn to, from their best friends to a trusted family law attorney. However, joining a divorce support group can bring about an additional level of reinforcement, compassion, and understanding during this period of change.

What is a Divorce Support Group?

A divorce support group is a gathering of people who are in different stages of the divorce process. Some attendees may be contemplating divorce while others may already be a few years past the divorce settlement. The strongest divorce support groups are run by trained, credentialed professionals, and the divorce group is made up of divorcing parties of the same gender. Some divorce support groups are faith-based, while others are not religiously affiliated. The advantages come from talking to others who share a similar experience.

A benefit of joining a support group for divorcing parties is to hear from others who can provide insight and understanding. For instance, someone who has just begun to work with a divorce lawyer can find it helpful to get advice from someone else who can explain some of the procedures because their divorce is finalized.

Ideas for Raising the Children

It can be helpful for divorcing parents to join divorce support groups with other parents, that way they can discuss ways to make the divorce simpler for their children. For example, participants can talk about how they deal with birthdays, holidays, and other times they are away from their children or need to split time with their ex-spouse.

Hearing Second Opinions

If someone getting a divorce wants to suddenly pick up their children and move out of the state or withhold visitation rights out of spite, they may find it welcoming to talk about their desires in a caring divorce support group situation. This gives them objective second opinions that assist them to make better judgment calls. Often, people knee-deep in divorce will take drastic measures that could backfire. Sometimes, just being able to vent with like-minded individuals can stop someone from a bad decision.

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