Ending a marriage can often go two ways: mutually and honestly or uncompromising and difficult. Afterall, leaving an unhappy marriage is stressful for both parties involved, so each person should want to leave it on their own terms that suits them best. Divorces can be expensive and time consuming, so deciding you and your spouse want to separate is just part of the process, albeit a major and most important part. If you live in New Jersey and you already filed for a divorce or are thinking of having one, then you may want to be prepared and know how long it will take.

In most cases, divorces in the state of New Jersey should be completed within 12 months from the date the Complaint for Divorce is first filed. Exceptions are made for more complicated situations. No-fault divorce, such as the filing of irreconcilable differences, can have a shorter turnaround period; this divorce has both parties agree that the marriage has been suffering for at least six months and cannot be amended.

Additional Factors

When one or both parties are not willing to compromise, then the divorce may take longer, especially when dealing with child custody issues or an unwillingness to divide assets. The use of Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods (ADR) during a divorce can also cut down on the length of the process. These methods include mediation and arbitration and require both spouses to compromise.

Normally, litigation will consume the time and effort of all parties involved. All parties want to walk away from an ended marriage with hopes of starting again, and honesty and cooperation during litigation is often the best way of achieving that. Taking the time with proper litigation during a divorce is sometimes necessary.

All couples going through a divorce have complex issues; particularly when they involve child support or finances. Recently, to make matters more complex, alimony laws have changed in New Jersey. Previously, alimony payments could be taxed by the recipient as income and they were tax deductible to the payer. If your divorce was finalized after January 1, 2019, then the new law may apply to you. Contacting a divorce lawyer is your best bet in this situation.

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