A family going through a divorce faces perhaps their hardest trial, especially when there are children involved.  The stresses of major change in the family dynamic, with family members relocating and finalizing custody arrangements, can have an enormously negative impact on a child’s development and the parent/child relationship. Parents must work together and take the proper time to make sure their children adapt to the changes in their home.

To overcome the hurdles a divorce brings to a family and the parent/child relationship, here are a few tips to ease the burden:

  • Volunteer: Allowing a child to participate in recreational activities to help with their development and relationship building skills is always a good idea. A good way to be in their life is to volunteer to help  the programs in which they are participating.  Try your hand at coaching their team or help run the concession stand at the ballpark if they are involved with sports.  Burnham Blog – Best Ways to spend more time with your child after divorce- JD driving them to and from practice allows you to spend important time with your child.
  • Ask Questions and Be Involved in School: Nearly two-thirds of teachers believe that their students do better when their parents are involved in their schoolwork. A Pew Research Center study found that only one out of 10 fathers who do not live with their children ask about their child’s schoolwork. Always volunteer time to help with their homework or ask if they are having any problems.  You can become a chaperone on their school trips or monitor a school dance.  It will go a long way in their education.
  • Work as a Team: Children develop better when both parents are involved in their lives. Work as a team with your ex-spouse and act with a good emotional stance instead of being spiteful or resentful.  The goal is the happiness of your children, and most children need both parents for that.  If you spouse allows for more time with the children, always return the favor and offer to take the kids to doctor’s appointments, shopping, or any other obligations you may have.
  • Share Their Interests: Children are always developing, and they tend to remember everything. They certainly will remember their parents participating in their interests.    Maybe tell the babysitter to take the day off, bring your child out, and share your day with them.

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Divorced parents have a harder time spending time with their children and maintaining their family dynamic.  The child’s development is most important, so even most parents will need help raising their children while going through a divorce.  If you and your spouse are filing for divorce or are thinking of filing, then contact the South Jersey divorce lawyers at Burnham Law Group, LLC.  Our knowledgeable and caring lawyers will help you and your family through the difficult process of a divorce.  To schedule a free initial consultation, call us at 856-751-5505 or contact us online.   Located in Marlton and Somers Point, New Jersey, we proudly serve the communities of South Jersey, Camden County, Burlington County, and Atlantic County, New Jersey.