Couples undergoing a divorce in New Jersey may be surprised to hear that they are expected to undergo mediation. Many times, they assume that means they can skip hiring attorneys. Mediation is ideally a way for the divorcing parties to make choices for dissolving their legal relationship. However, even amicable divorces can suddenly turn contentious, which is one reason individuals often retain the help of a knowledgeable divorce lawyer, even though they hope to resolve all conflicts through mediation.

How Does Mediation Work?

During mediation, a trained mediator sits down with the divorcing couple to assist them in coming to agreements about matters such as child custodychild support, finances, assets, and other issues. The mediator is not a judge, but someone trained in the art of working with two people to come to resolutions that leave everyone satisfied. The mediator is under no obligation to force a settlement between the divorcing partners. Rather, the mediator has both parties figure out a common ground so they can either come to an agreement or take fewer conflicts to family court.

How Can a Divorce Lawyer Help During Mediation?

As mentioned previously, those divorcing may feel more protected by having a divorce lawyer on their side. Even if they do not have the divorce lawyer present during the mediation sessions, they can talk to the divorce lawyer beforehand. If a divorce lawyer sits in on the mediation, they can help the client bring up potential problems with a proposed arrangement. A newly divorcing individual will not have the foresight of an attorney who has been working in family law for a long time. Many divorcing men and women find it tough to advocate for themselves during mediation. Divorce lawyers can make sure they are getting what they need.

How to Find a Divorce Lawyer Who Supports Mediation

One concern among those filing for divorce is that they will hire a divorce lawyer who wants to end up in court, even if they do not. Divorcing individuals should interview any potential divorce lawyer to make sure they are on the same page. It should also be noted that some divorce lawyers have undergone education in how to become mediators, and how to make the mediation experience a more fruitful one for those they represent. This may be an asset to someone who is looking for a divorce lawyer but really wants to avoid taking the divorce before a judge, if possible.

South Jersey Mediation Lawyers Prepare Clients for Mediation

Simply retaining representation from a divorce lawyer can be a relief, particularly if the divorce takes a nasty turn. Having a built-in attorney as an advocate adds peace of mind, especially during tough times. If you are contemplating mediation, contact the South Jersey mediation lawyers for advice and counsel. Will we help you with any concerns you may have regarding your divorce. For a free consultation, call us or contact us online. Located in Marlton and Somers Point, New Jersey, we serve clients throughout South Jersey, including Atlantic County, Camden County, and Burlington County.