Divorce is one of the most stressful events that people may go through in their lifetime and once final decrees are handed down, many people wish they had done certain things differently. Whether a person takes their time making the arrangements or if it is sudden, understanding how to prepare can smooth things along.

Initial Decisions

A good first strategy for separating partners is to stay as objective as possible. Divorce can be highly emotional, and decisions should not be made when agitated. Attempting to save the marriage with counseling and extra time does help some couples, but when divorce is the only option, it may be time to consult a divorce lawyer. Every case is different, so it makes sense to interview several attorneys before filing. A qualified lawyer who listens to their clients and understands their goals will be better to work with.

Living Situations

Although one partner may want to leave the home as soon as possible, certain factors may influence this decision. If safety is a concern, it is best to move out. When children are involved, a parent may wish to stay, since disrupting their lives can cause problems and can be frowned upon in court. Certain separated couples continue living together due to economic reasons since it may not be possible to afford two separate households.

In most divorces involving children, the parents end up sharing custody, so it is important to keep their needs at the forefront when making decisions. Their schedules should be taken into consideration before either parent makes a change.

Records, Documents, and Accounts

Before filing for divorce, it is best to gather and organize information pertaining to financial records and assets. This includes bank accounts, mortgages, phone records, and valuable belongings. Documents should be copied and filed for easy retrieval, since they can be scrutinized during divorce proceedings. Doing this beforehand is advisable because once divorce papers are served, some spouses will try to hide or spend down their assets. If the other party discovers this, there could be serious repercussions. If there are shared bank accounts or credit cards, it may be advisable to close these out. If left open, one spouse may end up withdrawing money or getting into debt without the other’s knowledge.

Appropriate Behavior

Divorcing parents should take care not to make disparaging remarks about each other in front of their children, since this can confuse and hurt them. Remaining civil is another way of putting their needs first, and can make things easier for everyone. This also applies to speaking in front of friends and family members, and online. Posting pictures with a new partner may be used against someone during a divorce case, especially if there is a custody battle. The best advice is to refrain from posting on social media before and during a divorce.

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