People may act festive during the holidays, but many individuals are only pretending to be jolly. For some, events such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s, are unhappy reminders that they want to legally move on from their spouses. However, plenty of men and women struggle to decide if they need to wait until January to start the process. This is an extremely personal decision without a definitive right or wrong answer. Nevertheless, individuals considering a divorce during the holidays should ask themselves the following questions to make the choice more obvious.

Is Abuse Occurring in the Relationship?

If one spouse is abusing another spouse, the victim needs to get to a safe place as soon as possible. It does not matter that the holidays are just around the corner or that in-laws may be angry or embarrassed. Leaving the abuse often means contacting a shelter and planning, do not walk out the door without a strategy in mind. According to professionals who deal with domestic violence situations, preparing helps minimize risks associated with escaping from an abuser. In some cases, victims may need to seek legal means, such as a protection from abuse (PFA) to document their situation.

Have You Spoken with a Divorce Lawyer?

Thinking about divorce for months or even years is one thing. Calling a divorce lawyer is entirely different. Nothing prevents an individual from picking up the phone to schedule an initial consultation with a divorce lawyer around the holidays. A compassionate divorce lawyer will help a client make the best decision based on the client’s needs.

Is There a Downside to Leaving During the Holidays?

When children are part of the marriage, a parent contemplating divorce must exercise caution. If the marriage is unhappy but not abusive, the couple may be able to face the holidays for the sake of their children. On the other hand, if the holidays end in yelling and crying, the children might have a much happier holiday experience despite the concern and confusion of an impending divorce. This is something an individual should talk about with a professional therapist and perhaps even a divorce lawyer. Children can be quite resilient, but that does not necessarily mean initiating divorce before major holidays.

Are You Going to Have a Good Support System?

Sometimes, a person asking for divorce can be assured of support from family and friends. Other times, the support might be absent. Asking for a divorce around the holidays, then being shunned can add an unwanted layer of confusion and helplessness on top of other emotions. Although the support may not be there after the holidays, feeling alone may seem less intense when the holidays are not looming.

Is Divorce Something Both Parties Want?

If a couple wants to amicably divorce, they may choose to wait until after the holiday season to make an announcement their children and family. That way, they can avoid answering questions, especially during big gatherings, such as dinners. In this circumstance, they can still obtain representation but merely wait to file until the next year.

South Jersey Divorce Lawyers Help Clients Throughout the Divorce Process

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