Divorcing your partner is a difficult process, especially with the added stress of protecting your online privacy. During a divorce, spouses may feel inclined to intrude on their ex-spouse’s online accounts. It is important to protect your online profiles because information that is posted online can potentially be used against you during divorce proceedings. The following are tips to help protect your digital privacy during divorce.

Change Your Passwords

Change your password frequently to prevent your ex-spouse from accessing your accounts. Create a strong password that is unlike any of your past ones to keep your accounts as secure as possible. Also, update your security questions as these could be easy for your ex-spouse to answer and get into your accounts. The passwords you should focus on changing include email, social media, phone passcodes, alarm codes, and financial logins.

Avoid Social Media

Ensure that all your social media accounts are private and unfriend your spouse on all digital platforms. Avoid posting on your social media accounts until the divorce is finalized. Anything that you post online could potentially be used against you in court. Set up two-step verification to further protect your accounts and completely disable your ex-spouse’s ability to log in.

Disable Shared Devices and Services

This includes phone and internet plans that you and your ex-spouse share. Apple iCloud will need to be updated as well as Google cloud accounts. You should also disable any location tracking services you have on your phone or tablets so your ex-spouse cannot access your location.

Purchase a New Cell Phone

If you still do not feel comfortable after disabling location services and changing passcodes, it is a good idea to purchase a new cell phone and service plan. This will guarantee that your ex-spouse does not have access to text messages, call history, and other private information.

Keep Information Private

Avoid texting or emailing private information in case your ex-spouse retrieves access to this data. If you need to discuss your divorce with someone, make a phone call or talk in person rather than sending the information over via text. Also, if you are seeing someone new, keep your conversations as private as possible and speak to each other rather than texting over digital devices.

It is common for an angry ex-spouse to try and exploit their spouse by using their online information. Keeping your information and digital content as safe as possible. Once your divorce has been finalized, you can continue to use digital media as you wish but continue to maintain safe and private profiles.

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