Some studies suggest that divorce is like the common cold, it can be contagious. Divorce clustering is when a divorced couple indirectly influences their friends to divorce. The National Center for Biotechnology Information analyzed data over a 32-year period and concluded that couples are 75 percent more inclined to divorce if their close friends are divorced.

Reasons for Clustering

A researcher from the study states that couples who consistently see divorce, may perceive divorce as normal in society. Hearing others talk about separating can trigger feelings of unfulfillment with their partner and can cause a spouse to desire a more exciting relationship with a new partner.

The study also described how some married couples feel empathy for their divorcing friends, especially if they have a close relationship. This can cause married individuals to resolve their marital problems by mimicking their friend’s actions. Divorce becomes a more realistic option when a couple sees their close friends go through a divorce. Essentially, divorcing becomes a more suitable option. When couples are continuously exposed to divorce, the idea of divorce becomes infectious.

Social Acceptance

Some psychologists believe that divorce is more socially acceptable amongst friends and can cause a domino effect on the couple’s friends. In addition, the same contagious-like effect can occur when family members or colleagues divorce.

Divorcees seem to have influence on your own marriage or relationship. Studies show that having a divorced sibling increases your chances of getting divorced by 22 percent, and knowing a divorced coworker increases your chance for divorce by 50 percent. People are 147 percent more prone to divorce when they have multiple divorced friends.

Peer Pressure and Divorce

The study focuses on indirect and direct peer pressure, but states that this applies to every stage of marriage. Couples may feel a stronger need to have children if their friends have children. This pressure also applies to couples who are purchasing a new home or are thinking of taking a vacation.

These influences can be positive or negative, especially if a couple is not ready to make life-altering decisions. According to an article in Fatherly magazine, a divorce seems appealing to the friends of separated couples, but it may not be the best solution. It also emphasized that some married couples decide to have children for the wrong reasons.

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