After surviving a divorce, your new life can be difficult and it may be hard to adjust. For some people, this is especially true around the holidays. Valentine’s Day can be one of these occasions; most people celebrate romance and love on this day. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and could remind divorcees about the love that they lost and the loneliness they may be experiencing.

Being Content on Valentine’s Day

It is normal to feel loneliness after a divorce, so it is important to practice healthy coping mechanisms when going through a difficult time. The following are a few suggestions on how to handle the woes of Valentine’s Day:

  • Do activities you enjoy, try not to surround yourself with reminders of romance and Valentine’s Day. Avoid viewing social media posts or photographs of your ex-spouse, focus on yourself during this time. When grieving about loss or change, it is important to remain positive and work on your mental health. Keeping your mind busy can be extremely helpful. Start a large project at home, learn a new hobby, or try a new exercise program; this will improve your mental and physical health and keep your mind off divorce. Treat yourself to gifts, if possible. Going to a day spa and getting a massage can help relax your body and mind.
  • Friends and positive surroundings are important when you are in a depressive state. Stay away from people that may remind you of your previous marriage. Surround yourself with friends and family that understand your situation. Also, staying away from the mall and restaurants can help. The mall will be filled with decorations and Valentine’s Day gifts. Restaurants often provide guests with romantic dinner options to celebrate the holiday. If you do go out, be prepared.
  • If you have children, celebrate the holiday with them. It is important to remember that celebrating love does not only pertain to romantic love. The love for your children will assist you in keeping positive. Do activities with your children, spend time with them at the park or go to a movie. They will surround you with positivity and you can enjoy the holiday with them.
  • Do not regret your decision. Do not let the holiday of romance remind you of lost love, focus on what you have now and on your future. Remember the reasons that caused your divorce and be content. Valentine’s Day is just a holiday and it should not make you forget the reasons for your divorce.

Viewing Valentine’s Day as an Accomplishment

Valentine’s Day can be a reminder of self-worth and what you have accomplished. It is important to be self-centered on this holiday and remind yourself about positive aspects in your life. Life after a divorce is a new beginning for you and your family.