Going through a divorce is tough, but finding the right support group can help you get through this difficult situation in numerous ways. While a successful support group allows you to share your experiences with those dealing with the same matters, a bad support group can do more harm than good.

Finding the Right Support Group

The best structured support group meets the needs of individuals that are a part of the group. It may take a while for someone to find the right group that suits their needs. Some prefer a structured program of a specific duration, while others do well in a less formal atmosphere with more personal sharing available. Learning style matters, as these groups use several formats. Groups may focus on using videos, written materials, or discussion as the primary means of sharing information, so think about the style of the group that will make you the most comfortable.

What is available in the area is highly important when trying to find the right group. Divorce support groups may meet in churches, but that does not necessarily mean that they are associated with the denomination. Other groups meet in community centers or therapist’s offices. Those living in urban and suburban areas of the state have more options for support groups than rural dwellers. The latter may have fewer choices or must drive a considerable distance to meetings.

Practical considerations play a role when making the support group decision. Keep in mind that some groups require attendees to start the program with a first class and then continue through subsequent sessions, while others allow people to join at any time. Your personal schedule and needs may influence the type of group you can attend. Those with time or other constraints may find an online support group or class helpful.

Group Leaders

Various professionals and non-professionals facilitate support groups; the most common facilitators include counselors, clergies, psychologists, therapists, and volunteers. Research the background information of the facilitators to find out their experience regarding divorce and family counseling.

Cost Considerations

Changes in finances often accompany divorce, so cost considerations could influence your decision. Some classes are run on a donation basis, while others charge fees per session or series. The fact is that more expensive support groups usually have better quality materials offered, but that does not mean the inexpensive groups are necessarily inferior.

Visit a Session

Not every support group allows a complimentary visit to assess whether it is a good fit, but many do. While some divorce support groups permit both sexes to attend, others are strictly gender-based. The number of female support groups far outweighs those strictly for males. You may want to sit in on a class for various groups and get an idea which one is right for you. However, every group should evoke a feeling of community as individuals share their stories.

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