are the Hallmark of Our Success

At Burnham Douglass, the core of our success is based on the relationships with our clients. We value the importance of good, competent, two-way communication because it advances the goals and needs of those we serve. Unlike the majority of law firm websites, we don’t post paid-for-marketing tools that boast awards. Although we are proud of our many awards, you won’t see them cluttering up our website.

Instead, we rely heavily on our client reviews. When selecting an attorney, you want the best service for your needs. You want to know what others say about us, much the same way you depend on customer reviews when buying a product online. We think what our clients say about us is the best form of marketing.

Client feedback is not only a valuable resource to you, it provides us with an effective means to assess our performance so that we may continue to learn, improve and provide quality service for you. Our years of value-based service, experience, knowledge, skill in and out of the courtroom is what truly matters. After all, when you win, we win. Indeed, we enjoy the honor of become problem-solvers, confidants, friends and life-long advisers to a majority of the people we represent.

“In seeking a lawyer, you are looking for an advocate, an expert advisor on the law and on your rights and responsibilities, a strategist, a negotiator, and a litigator.”



Robert Petroski

Senior Corrections Officer

This testimonial will be the most honest you have ever journey is case was actually dimissed in summary judgement due to fact I had incompetent counsel previously....Michelle came on board and actually got summary judgement reversed...that RARELY happens....she got a judge to overturn his own decision and saved my case...this case meant the world to me and my family...anybody involved in a bad employment situation knows just how personal these cases are and how much it means to have your voice heard. Michelle and her associate Phillip Burnham literally worked side by side with me for many weeks as we prepared for trial. They listened and valued my opinion throughout and made me feel a part of this whole process. To be honest having that great relationship and communication helped us win in trial. Trial isn't easy and is very stressful. Both Michelle and Phil made me feel like I was a family member they were representing. Picking your attorney is the most important aspect of your case and don't always assume you will settle your case. Your case may go to trial and believe me you will need Michelle and Phil. They battled in that courtroom for weeks and got me and my family justice. I will be forever grateful and I am the perfect example if you dont choose your counsel correctly it will lose your case. My case was dismissed and yet they found a way to save it and get me the justice that I waited 5 years to see. I was allowed to tell a jury my story and have my voice heard. They are part of my family now!

Excellent, efficient service!!! Very knowledgeable in family law!! He helped a friend out of a very difficult divorce. It looked bleak and Philip Burnham pulled it out on top!! Amazing!! I give them five stars!!

Kathleen Patane

Joanne Imperatore


My name is Joanne Craven. I have been a long time client of Douglass Law Group and have become a personal friend with Michelle Douglass as a result. Just recently, Douglass Law Group has helped me through a very difficult time. I was involved in an automobile accident that ruined my life. It caused me to lose my job. Any income to pay my bills and sustain my life was lost. Michelle Douglass immediately took over and was able to get the automobile accident case settled with a significant monetary compensation. They also filed for Social Security Disability benefits on my behalf due to my back and knee injuries. The SSA initially denied my claim, but with the skill and persistence of Michelle Douglass, within months, the SSA reversed their initial Decision and I have been awarded permanent disability and now receive SSDI benefits for life. I am grateful to the Douglass Law firm and I am proud to call them my friend. I highly recommend Michelle Douglass as I was helped by Michelle every step of the way, with guidance and answers. She is remarkable and I love her. Thank you.

Professional, friendly, and efficient attorneys and staff. They handle many of my arbitrations and settle the cases before the actual Arbitration date. Perhaps the insurance companies know who they are up against!? Keep it up… Great job guys!

Gerald Dufour Jr.

Daniel Hood

Social Worker

It has been a pleasure for the last couple of years working with Michelle Douglass and the entire 'law group. Michelle's experience and legal knowledge on employee rights impressed me right away, and all throughout my confidence became stronger by the day as my case evolved. Michelle's systematic process on working with evidence and witnesses was awesome. I felt involved throughout the case which gave me a sense of ownership with the final outcome. My calls and questions were always answered by the super team in the office. Ms. Douglass always returned my calls promptly as if I were the most valuable client among the many she represents. I was most pleased with the outcome of my case and would recommend Michelle Douglass to my friends and family if they ever were in need of quality representation done with honesty and integrity.

Great staff, everyone made sure I understood all my rights during my Divorce.

Luciano Cortez

Geri Grenci


When I first met attorney Michelle Douglass, I had been to numerous attorneys trying to find one that was not only capable, but willing to take on such a challenge.  When I presented my case to Ms. Douglass, I was sure it was going to be another dead end as had been the outcome with all of the other attorneys that I had consulted with.  As I spoke to Ms. Douglass, I got a feeling of genuine concern, unlike that of the prior attorneys I had spoken to.  I say that because all of the previous attorneys shuddered at dealing with my particular case. They were not up to the challenge that would surely ensue.  My case was one of which involved taking on some very strong adversaries, local government. I knew nothing of how such a case would be handled or presented.  I only knew that I needed help and I needed a strong and knowledgeable attorney who would fight for my rights.  Ms. Douglass, I soon came to learn was a formidable force, one to be recognized.  Her vast knowledge and skill was soon to become evident.  Over time I saw her talents unfold as my case progressed through the natural channels of the law.   She never faltered her course always adhering to her principals with the utmost integrity.  I knew without a doubt that I had the very best representing me. Ms. Douglass held steadfast throughout and led us to victory. Because of Ms. Douglass’ character and superior representation, you would be hard pressed to find another attorney with the skill and knowledge that she possesses. I’m very grateful that Ms. Douglass was and is available for people such as myself. Ms. Douglass it has been my pleasure to have met you and worked with you on my case for that I will be forever grateful.

I highly recommend Burnham Law Group.  I had a great experience with the office and everyone there was highly knowledgeable. All my questions were answered in a responsive, and respectful manner.  I had all my questions answered quickly. If you need legal representation go to Burnham Law Group because it was a great experience when I needed help.

Michael Burnham

Maria Marino


When I first met Michelle, I had so many fears about filing a lawsuit. I was afraid of actually filing against Atlantic City Board of Education simply because what I had gone through was torture. I was definitely afraid they would attack me, lie about me and reduce me to tears as they always had. After meeting Michelle, she gave me the confidence I needed to fight for what I deserved. Michelle was kind and always there to answer any crazy questions! She made sure that I was informed every step of the way. Michelle was so knowledgeable and professional. Of course, some of my fears came to be but Michelle kept me going and never let me give up! I was in complete depression for years and I needed someone as caring and tough on me when things were just unbearable. The best part of dealing with My Rights Lawyers was Michelle Douglass herself. The professionalism I experienced with much of the firm was exceptional. Joe and Alexis always kept me informed and were always willing to answer questions or pass them on to Michelle. They firm as a whole was amazing! There is NO way I wouldn't recommend My Right's Lawyers to anyone I know! This would be the first and only recommendation I would make with complete confidence they would be treated professionally and gracefully. There will never be enough words to explain what Michelle and My Right's Lawyers have done for my life. They will always hold a special place in my life.

So glad to have been represented by this firm. Extremely skilled and professional.

Tyler Glass

I am very grateful Mrs. Michelle J. Douglass took my case. You demonstrated to me great expertise. She was always very prompt in her follow-up and developed a winning strategy for me. Working with Michelle and her team was always a pleasure. They were patient, tactful, and I never felt hurried or pressured. I will recommend this Law Firm very highly to anyone in need of a great lawyer. Many Thanks!

James Runyon


If you need an excellent divorce lawyer in South Jersey you should call Phil and his team!

Patricia Schulte

Michelle Douglass handled my case in a dedicated and professional manner. Michelle Douglass is a straight shooter and fights for your rights. Her tenaciousness and no nonsense approach quickly set the tone and direction in my matter. I have already recommended her law firm to two others who have experienced work place problems. I feel certain their experience with Michelle Douglass will equal mine.

Dave Daniels

Police Sergeant

Philip Burnham was a pleasure to work with during a very difficult time in my life. He was supportive, understanding, accurately assessed the situation, was very level-headed and honest about the prospects. He responded quickly and professionally to my needs and the unique twists and turns in my proceedings. He is very knowledgeable about the law and knows how to present a compelling case. Want to find him? He’s probably in his office working long hours as he is committed to his clients. He is well deserving of the respect that he has earned in the legal community. I learned the hard way about the perils of inadequate representation, so I was very fortunate to have him on my side.

Kathy P.

I chose Michelle Douglass to help me apply for Social Security Disability benefits and ther firm certainly delivered! The law staff took care of the long, complicated application process and got me approved for benefits! Now, I have the comfort of monthly income while I am unable to work due to my permanent disability. Thanks to the attorneys and staff !

Frank DeVito

Sheet Metal

Until my retirement, in December of 2005, I had been a police officer for twenty-nine years. Throughout my career, I crossed paths with countless attorneys on both sides of the aisle. From the moment Ms. Douglass agreed to represent me I knew that she always had my best interest at heart. I have never met anyone who exhibits a greater degree of professionalism that Ms. Douglass does on a daily basis. If Ms.Douglass is your attorney you have someone who knows the law and will stand beside you through thick and thin. I not only admire and respect her abilities, but I have also come to know her personally and am very proud to call her my friend.

Duane Houck


We came to Ms. Douglass’ law firm in need of an attorney who could review a Separation Agreement for us honestly. When we initially called we were told that her office specialized in employment and civil rights law, however they were happy to help us anyway! The staff promptly scheduled us an appointment to meet with attorney Michelle Douglass. She made herself available on a Saturday because of our busy work hours during the week. Michelle is friendly, dedicated, and extremely knowledgeable. She asked all of the right questions and explained every concern of hers to us in a detailed fashion. The attorney review process was thorough and handled with expertise. We are confident that Michelle has provided us a secure, protective agreement. Overall, our experience with her and her staff was excellent! If you seek a dedicated, flexible, and communicative lawyer, call Michelle Douglass! Thanks Michelle!

Nelyda Lleras

A few years ago I went through a difficult time in my life. I was terminated from my job, I was devastated, hurt and unsure of what to do. I went on a search for an employment lawyer. I found Michelle and made a decision to make an appointment. We met and I felt comfortable with her and she told me I had a good case. We met several times while waiting for a court date for the first part of my case. Michelle is smart, aggressive with a wealth of experience. She prepared me extremely well. I had never gone through anything like this before. During the case versus my former employer, she outclassed their very experienced lawyer. We had to go to trial and it went on for a little over two weeks and then the defendant came to us for an out of court settlement. We agreed to a settlement that represented a fair value for the time of my life that was ruined. I could not have picked a better lawyer to represent me. Michelle Douglass is not only one the best Lawyers in South Jersey she is also a wonderful mother to her beautiful daughter and an awesome wife.

Elizabeth Moritz

Happily Retired

Michelle Douglass has represented me for two employment related matters. The last case I was wrongfully terminated from employment after I became a whistle blower exposing illegal practices by my former employer. The defense firm, a huge North Jersey firm tried to beat us down with motions and delay tactics. We were not deterred. Michelle fought harder and better than the big North Jersey firm for which I am grateful. I am pleased to say that my husband and I have used the settlement proceeds to happily retire.


I consider Michelle my friend and recommend her to anyone for any employment or civil rights matter.

When I needed an attorney to help me through a difficult transition from employment to retirement, I turned to Michelle Douglass. Throughout my case, I was in contact with my attorneys, all of my questions were answered, and I was kept in the loop with the status my case. Michelle Douglass turned a difficult situation into an easy solution. Thank you!

Erich Straub

Retired Lieutenant

Thank you so very much for your closing letter certainly of encouragement. What a professional firm to have represent me in my case. Michelle Douglass and her staff are second to none. I want you all to know how much my wife, kids, and I appreciate all you've done to come to this conclusion. Michelle Douglass has to be one of the most outstanding attorneys I have ever met. We have formed a friendship that we believe will last for ever. I came highly recommended by another good friend of mine, a former client of yours, by the name of Willie Glass. God bless you, God bless you all.

Ernest Coursey


There is no job too tough for this powerhouse attorney. Michelle is one of the finest legal minds in her field. She represented me in a complex discrimination case and went up against several attorneys and legal firms representing multiple defendants. They were overmatched. Think of David vs Goliath! She is smart, thorough, tough, and incredibly gracious and understanding. She is masterful at her craft and always keeps the client's needs as her top priority. She kept me informed and involved every step of the way. I highly recommend Michelle Douglass for all employment and labor related issues. This is the All - Star you want leading your team!

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