Pricewaterhouse has a controversial policy that all partners must retire by age 60, a practice that has already landed before federal courts all over the country.

Earlier this year, PwC settled an age discrimination claim for $11.6 million with thousands of unsuccessful job applicants accusing the accounting firm of screening out older hopefuls for entry-level positions in favor of younger people. As part of the deal, the company agreed to revamp its hiring and internal policies to increase inclusivity, but it made no mention of the age cap.

In a recent lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania federal court, a former PwC director claims the company systemically eliminates older female workers. The director, Pamela McCarey siad in her complaint that she was sidelined and given the boot after more than twenty years with PwC in an effort to hire younger males.

Age discrimination lawsuits are on the rise as people continue to live longer and work later in life. If you or anyone you know may be experiencing age bias or adverse consequences of age based employment decisions, feel free to contact us at Burnham Douglass as we are committed to eradicating discrimination in the workplace.