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All workers have the right to privacy, the right to fair compensation, and the right to do their job in an environment that is free of harassment and discrimination. When your basic rights at work are not respected, our dedicated attorneys will fight aggressively to protect your freedoms and recover the compensation you are owed for what you have endured.

Top-Notch Employment Law Representation

We will fiercely protect your rights in an ethical, professional manner, always striving to resolve your case with the best possible outcome. We will provide personally tailored representation with consistent feedback and updates. When you have a question or a suggestion, our team will address it quickly. We recognize that your business and the elements of your case are unique, and we will draw on our broad range of experience to build a strong case with your best interests in mind.

Clients throughout New Jersey turn to our firm to handle their employment law matters for the following reasons:

  • Our firm has 60 years of combined experience
  • We work one-on-one with our clients to deliver customized legal representation
  • After-hours and weekend consultations are available by appointment
  • Our boutique law practice prides itself on providing high-quality service

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Successful in Handling a Variety of Employment Law Cases

The seasoned lawyers at the Burnham Douglass Attorneys At Law have experience helping clients throughout the state resolve a broad range of employment law matters. We have achieved successful results for our clients in the following areas of employment law:

Wrongful Termination

Employers are prohibited from firing workers for discriminatory reasons, or out of retaliation for protected actions, such as reporting workplace harassment or violations of the law. If you were fired for an illegal reason, then you can file a wrongful termination claim under various laws, such as the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) and the Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA).


We understand that people spend a lot of time at work. For some employees, their place of employment can be a source of inspiration, motivation, pride, and fulfillment. As a result, some workers are reluctant to speak up against unfair or unlawful treatment they experience or witness in the workplace for fear of being fired, demoted, or harassed. When you choose Burnham Douglass Attorneys At Law to represent you, we make it our goal to fight to protect all of your labor rights and to pursue the compensation you deserve for your struggles.

Whistleblower Actions

The federal government has a major interest in stopping fraud or corruption in U.S. businesses and corporations. Whistleblowers who file a qui tam claim under the False Claims Act may be entitled to substantial monetary awards. Those who report on the unlawful actions of their employers are further protected from retaliation. We know that it takes courage to expose unethical activity or conduct in your workplace, which is why our legal team will stand by your side as you pursue justice.

Sexual Harassment

Unacceptable behavior by a manager, co-worker, client, or customer includes fondling, persistent unwanted advances, sexual language or jokes, the display of sexually explicit graphics or photos, and more. Both men and women can be victims of sexual harassment, and it knows no gender. Numerous state and federal laws exist to protect employees from having to work in a hostile environment.


It is unlawful for employers to discriminate against employees on the basis of their age, gender, race, religion, and disability. If you were denied a promotion, demoted, fired, or experienced unfair treatment due to being a part of a protected class, contact an employment attorney to learn more about how you can hold your employer accountable.

Employment Contracts

We help employees review, negotiate, and resolve disputes that arise from employment contracts. From non-competes to confidentiality agreements, we provide thorough representation to help protect your interests. We take into account how a contract can affect your career, and advise you on the pros and cons of an agreement.

Wage & Hour Disputes

If your employer has violated state and federal wage and hour laws, we work to help enforce these rules. Our team has experience pursuing claims related to unpaid overtime wages, illegally withheld benefits, refusal of valid leave requests, and more.

Hostile Work Environment

Workers who are experiencing repeated harassment and wanted behavior that makes it difficult to perform their work duties can hold their employer legally accountable for failing to take action. Filing a hostile work environment claim provides workers with a legal remedy.

We ensure those who exercise their rights in the workplace are protected from retaliation for their brave actions.

New Jersey Employment Law FAQs

Is New Jersey an "at will" state?

Yes, New Jersey is an employment-at-will state, which means that your employer can fire you for any reason, as long as that reason does not violate the law.

Can an EEOC employment claim be filed anonymously?

When you contact the EEOC, the information will be kept anonymous until the charge is filed against their employer. Once a charge is filed, the EEOC must disclose your information to the employer. Your employer is prohibited from retaliating against or firing you for bringing a claim. If you wish to remain anonymous, the charge may be filed on behalf of another victim.

Are employers allowed to deduct pay?

Employers are not allowed to deduct or withhold wages for hours that you have worked. Employers may not cite cash shortages, deduct the cost of uniform or tools, or other unlawful deductions from a worker's wage unless required by New Jersey law.

What type of damages will I receive as compensation for a discrimination or wrongful termination claim?

Damages for an employment law claim can include back pay, lost benefits, sick leave, vacation, pension, retirement, and in some cases, punitive damages.

Will my employment case go to trial?

Not all cases end up in trial. In fact, a majority of cases end up settling outside of court. We thoroughly assess the issue and work with you to determine whether or not a trial is in the best interest and will provide a better outcome.

    Cases We Handle 

    Reliable Counsel, Trusted by Clients

    Our employment law lawyers at Burnham Douglass Attorneys At Law are ready to listen to your concerns and provide the quality counsel you need to navigate the legal system and fight for the justice you deserve. Get in touch with us today if you need help resolving any of the following employment law matters:

    What Sets Our Firm Apart?

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    • Care

      We approach each client with compassion, empathy and care.

    • Experience

      We have an in-depth understanding of the law and how it relates to your unique case.

    • Personal Attention

      We will provide you with the personal attention your case deserves.

    • Flexible

      We offer video, after hour and weekend appointments for your convenience. 

    • High-Quality Representation

      We deliver high-quality legal work because we handle select cases.

    • Dedication

      We have been serving the needs of our clients for over 30 years and are dedicated to your success.

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    See What Our Valued Clients Have to Say
    • I could not have been more pleased with the firm or our result.

      “From the first meeting with Michelle Douglass and Philip Burnham, I knew they were the skilled lawyers I needed. After a bad employment experience, I felt betrayed and hurt but Michelle, Phil, ...”

      - Michelle M.C.
    • Both Michelle and Phil made me feel like I was a family member they were representing.

      “This testimonial will be the most honest you have ever read. My journey is case was actually dismissed in summary judgment due to fact I had incompetent counsel previously. Michelle ...”

      - Robert K. Petroski
    • After meeting Michelle, she gave me the confidence I needed to fight for what I deserved.

      “When I first met Michelle, I had so many fears about filing a lawsuit. I was afraid of actually filing against Atlantic City Board of Education simply because what I had gone through was torture. I ...”

      - Maria Marino
    • I never knew compassion, value and honesty could exist in an attorney until I met Philip.

      “I'm hoping there's enough space to comment on my experience with Philip as he assisted me on a very personal matter... I was recommended by two different sources, so I hoped & prayed this would be my ...”

      - Dan
    • She was always very prompt in her follow-up and developed a winning strategy for me.

      “I am very grateful Mrs. Michelle J. Douglass took my case. You demonstrated to me great expertise. She was always very prompt in her follow-up and developed a winning strategy for me. Working with ...”

      - James Runyon
    • Michelle Douglass is a straight shooter and fights for your rights.

      “The firm handled my case in a dedicated and professional manner. Michelle Douglass is a straight shooter and fights for your rights. Her tenaciousness and no nonsense approach quickly set the tone and ...”

      - Dave Daniels
    • Phil's service exceeded my expectations and I found him to be more responsive and sensitive to my situation than the previous lawyer I had used.

      “Phil Burnham is an excellent divorce lawyer! Phil's service exceeded my expectations and I found him to be more responsive and sensitive to my situation than the previous lawyer I had used. He was ...”

      - Abby
    • Ms. Douglass always returned my calls promptly as if I were the most valuable client among the many she represents.

      “It has been a pleasure for the last couple of years working with Michelle Douglass and the entire 'My rights lawyers team'. Michelle's experience and legal knowledge on employee rights impressed me ...”

      - Heather
    • I was helped by Michelle every step of the way, with guidance and answers. She is remarkable and I love her.

      “My name is Joanne Craven. I have been a long time client of the firm and have become a personal friend with Michelle Douglass as a result. Just recently, they helped me through a very difficult time. ...”

      - Joanne Imperatore
    • Ms. Douglass, I got a feeling of genuine concern, unlike that of the prior attorneys I had spoken to.

      “I first met attorney Michelle Douglass in late fall of 2003. I had been to numerous attorneys trying to find one that was not only capable, but willing to take on such a challenge. When I presented my ...”

      - Kathy Jen

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