The beginning of every new year brings a spike in the number of actions related to divorce, from people exploring their options by searching online to a flurry of calls to divorce lawyers and an increase in official divorce filings in many jurisdictions. This increase in divorce activity begs the question: What is it about January that causes an uptick in interest?

Some Theories

One factor for many divorcing couples has to do with the winter holidays. In some cases, the goal is to avoid allowing a divorce to get in the way of enjoying the holidays. Often this consideration revolves around children, but such a sour topic can put a damper on the festivities for others as well. 

When children are involved, parents who are secretly moving toward divorce may determine that waiting until after the holidays to start the process may allow for one last family holiday with traditions that feel normal. Other couples wish to avoid letting the word get out about their intentions to split up until after holiday social engagements have passed. 

Some couples who are in the beginning stages of considering divorce may get caught up in the emotional aspects of the season and hold out hope that the marriage can still work out. Then again, the holidays can be stressful for lots of people, perhaps especially for those dealing with the stress of a marriage that is not ideal. 

For many married couples, stressors such as finances and burdensome social commitments become sources of recurring marital discontent. At the holidays, these issues can become even more pronounced. People who are unhappy in their marriage may find that holiday pressures cause them to buckle under the strain and decide to seek a divorce to alleviate the marital tension and regain some calm and control in their lives. 

Another possible reason for the increased interest in divorce may have to do with the sentiment that the new year is a time for change. When the calendar flips to a new year, people tend to reevaluate their goals. Often those life-improvement objectives include divorce. 

Still, whether the impetus for divorce involves a drawn-out build-up or a sudden realization that things need to change, January is somehow a popular time for taking action on marriage-ending aims. 

However, divorces take time. Taking the first steps in January may mean the divorce is likely to take until spring or later to be finalized. 

Making the decision is only the first step in a lengthy process that can take months. A simple divorce may be possible for short marriages without much property to dispute that do not involve children, but these issues and others can complicate and prolong the process. 

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