Newly enacted rules put in place by the state and the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs prohibit businesses from imposing consumer credit card surcharges higher than the actual processing costs. Under the Credit Card Surcharge Law, businesses are now required to disclose the cost of surcharge fees prior to purchase transactions and publicly display notices regarding fees in the following manner:

  • Businesses (non-restaurant): Signs must be posted at the entryways and point of sale.
  • Restaurants: Signs must be displayed in the customer service area and on menus.
  • Web-based businesses: Notice must be posted to the checkout page before transaction processing.
  • Telephone-based businesses: Verbal notice must be given prior to transaction processing.

The new law provides enhanced consumer protection against establishments overcharging credit card surcharges. Additionally, businesses must give the Division of Consumer Affairs with account books, papers, documents, and other relevant financial information when requested for compliance inspection.

Consumers can file a complaint regarding businesses overcharging surcharge fees by contacting the Ocean County Department of Consumer Affairs.

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