People have always recognized the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, but now, they are not as hesitant about sleeping apart in separate rooms. You may have heard the phrase “sleep divorce” on social media. This is when spouses sleep in separate beds or bedrooms despite living under the same roof. Some studies suggest that this can actually help a marriage and prevent arguments.

It is natural for married couples to fight when they are not getting enough sleep. Instead of arguing throughout the night and the next day, it is wiser to set aside time for an objective conversation when both partners are well-rested. Then, the problem and possible new sleeping arrangements can be discussed.

While many couples sleep in separate rooms and still have loving relationships, others grow apart. If you have decided to dissolve your marriage, contact an experienced divorce lawyer about the next steps. Filing for divorce can be complicated, and a lawyer can help you as well as protect your rights.

Filing for Divorce in New Jersey

New Jersey allows state residents to file for divorce on their own, but doing so without legal guidance can be difficult and overwhelming. There are certain forms to fill out and other instructions to follow. A lawyer can ensure the filing process goes smoothly and all requirements are met.

These are some of the requirements for filing a divorce in New Jersey:

  • No-fault or irreconcilable differences:
    • One spouse must have lived in New Jersey for 12 consecutive months before filing.
    • One spouse must have experienced irreconcilable differences for six months or more.
    • The irreconcilable differences are a reason why the marriage should be dissolved.
    • There is no chance for reconciliation.
  • Fault-based divorces:
    • The couple must have lived apart for at least 18 months.
    • Provide grounds for divorce, such as abuse, adultery, incarceration, and institutionalization.

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