The United States women’s national soccer team is suing the United States Soccer Federation USSF) for $66 million dollars in an ongoing gender discrimination lawsuit. The trial for this suit is scheduled to start on May 5, 2020. This lawsuit follows a previous suit that the women’s national team filed last March, which alleged gender discrimination within the organization. The team claims inequitable compensation between the men’s and women’s teams as well as other discriminatory acts.

Different pay structures have been an ongoing problem across all paid positions in the United States. The women’s national soccer team has stated that equal pay was not an option during their contract agreements. The pay option that was offered included a pay-to-play structure that included significantly less pay than the players on the men’s team.

The United States Soccer Federation countered that argument, stating that the women’s team was offered a similar contract as the men’s national team but rejected the offer.

The equal pay lawsuit within the women’s national team has drawn worldwide media attention and has continued the ongoing gender discrimination conversation across the country. Support for the lawsuit has come from many different organizations, including the men’s national team players union. Unfortunately, there is still opposing opinions on the reason for the lawsuit.

Former USSF President Sunil Gulati stated that there are many distinctions between the men’s and women’s team, and that the two teams are not the same in terms of skill and strength. Despite their World Cup win, gender discrimination is still occurring, and the women’s team will continue their fight for equal pay and proper treatment from the USSF.

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