There are a lot of great reasons your business will be better, stronger, and more successful when you have a diverse workforce, especially including people living with disabilities.

People living with disabilities have unique problem-solving skills and perspectives. They have proven to be even more productive and are more loyal to their employers, being less likely to leave to work elsewhere than the workforce at large.

And hiring people with disabilities shows your commitment to your community, providing job opportunities for a group that many times has more trouble finding employment than their more able-bodied counterparts.

Burnham Douglass Attorneys At Law specialize in family law, employment law, and civil cases for clients throughout New Jersey. Here we have some tips for bringing people with disabilities into your workforce.

Offer Flexible Work Arrangements

Many individuals with disabilities have special needs in order for them to be as productive as possible, such as flexible scheduling or working from home. Working from home is more common now, and most people, especially those with disabilities, already have a home office that works well for them.

Make Changes to Your Workplace

You can make physical changes to your workplace, like providing the latest in assistive technologies, ramps, modified layouts of furnishings such as desks that accommodate wheelchairs, and providing software to read text aloud. These investments, in order to accommodate your diverse workforce, will pay off in the long run with employees who will make your business more efficient and productive and, therefore, more profitable.

Offer training and Development

Make training and development available for new employees, allowing them to have opportunities for advancement in their field or training to take on newer challenges. Leadership programs, mentorships, and scholarships are all great ways for you to attract and retain new hires and will benefit you with a better-trained and more skilled workforce.

Offer Health Benefits

Health insurance is the most desired benefit for everyone, and there are several options for you that are dependent on the number of employees you have. Go to the Affordable Care Act website and see what is available, like Flexible Spending Accounts and Employee Wellness programs. You can also offer incentives that include long-term disability insurance and rehabilitation services.

Educational Financial Aid

Financial aid for school is one of the best ways to recruit people with disabilities, as they often are eager to expand their careers into higher-paying jobs that they have traditionally been left out of.

Online education allows your employees to attend classes from home and on their own schedule, allowing them to work and study at their own pace.

Offering funding for online education is an excellent recruiting tool as it allows your employees to advance their careers and rise higher within the company. And earning a business bachelor degree gives the person living with a disability a brighter future with skills that will last a lifetime.

Create a Welcoming Message

Include welcoming language on your company’s website and on all your social media sites. Language that states that you welcome a diverse workforce and that you do not discriminate on the basis of disability. State that you can make proper accommodations as needed and that your office is wheelchair accessible. Have material available in all formats, like large print and audio.


Try your local university’s disability services office. They often offer job services and have a list of students and graduates looking for work. Look into local independent living and rehabilitation facilities, too.

Get involved with disability advocacy groups like the American Association of People With Disabilities, the Job Accommodation Network, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Finding the right employees can be a difficult task, especially now when unemployment is low. By including people with disabilities, you’re tapping into a vast untapped talent pool. You’ll have a workplace that is more inclusive, which reflects well on you and your business. It’s such a smart move, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.      

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